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My name is Lordhardex and in this article, I’ll be showing you how to Buy and Sell Bitcoins on Nigeria’s Nọ 1 Cryptocurrency Exchange site  TruexGold.Com.

We all know or might have been hearing about Bitcoin;some people even refer to it as The New Gold.

Most people have wanted to acquire/sell this currency(bitcoin) but are always finding it hard to do so, some can’t proceed due to them not being able to trust the merchant; some couldn’t because they don’t know where to get it. Today, I’ll tell you about TruexGold and why it is safe to buy/sell your bitcoin from/to them, I’ll be showing you how you can sell your bitcoins to TruexGold instantly with no hassles.


To signup on TruexGold, Open the website and allow it to load. Fill in all details required correctly and click on SIGN UP.
Sign up on truexgold
Fill in your details and click on SIGN UP

    Step 2: Completely Fill your User Profile

After you have successfully signed up on TruexGold.Com, click on the drop down button at the top left corner of the site and then click on user profile. Allow the page to load completely and fill in the required details and SAVE.
User profile on truexgold
Completely fill your user profile data and save

    Step 3: Create an order to Sell your Bitcoins

To sell your bitcoin(s) on TruexGold, you have to create an order to alert the company of you wanting to sell your bitcoin.

To create a sell order;

Click on the drop down button on the top left corner of the site and click on Cryptocurrency AutoExchanger

Cryptocurrency AutoExchanger
Click on Cryptocurrency AutoExchanger to create a sell order

When you click on Cryptocurrency AutoExchanger, it will lead you to a buy/sell page where you’ll chose to sell your bitcoins in exchange to receive Naira. Click on the Naira button to continue

Receive Naira
Click on the NAIRA button to continue
After clicking the NAIRA button, you’ll be directed to a page where you fill in your order details; the amount of bitcoin(s) you are willing to sell. In which it will be calculated automatically to how much you’ll be receiving in naira base on the current exchange rate at the period of selling.

Note That:

The minimum amount of bitcoin you can sell is 0.0029758 BTC and the maximum amount of bitcoin you can sell at once is 100 BTC
Order details
Carefully fill in your order details
While filling your sell order details, you’ll be required to fill in your bank details, so that TruexGold.Com can send you your payment once you are done selling. After filling all required details, you’ll click on Exchange button to proceed.
Fill bank details
You’ll be required to fill in your payment address

When you click the exchange button, you’ll be directed to a page, where your order details will be displayed for you to confirm, carefully check if you’ve filled all details correctly before proceeding to create order.

Recheck order details
Be sure you filled your details correctly
Once you have confirmed the details you inputed are correct and you’ve created order, you’ll be directed to a page where TruexGold.Com Bitcoin wallet address will be displayed/provided for you to send bitcoin into. SEND THE EXACT AMOUNT OF BITCOIN YOU INPUTED YOU’RE WILLING TO SELL AND CLICK ON “PAID” TO PROCEED
Send bitcoin to wallet
Send Bitcoin to TruexGold wallet address

After clicking on “PAID”, wait for the transaction to reach 3 Blockchain confirmation and you’ll receive your payment in Naira from TruexGold.Com


That is all the steps needed to successfully sell your bitcoin on TruexGold.Com

How to Buy Bitcoins on TrueXgold.Com

Just like selling, all you need to do to buy bitcoins from TruexGold.Com is just the inverse of what you did when you wanted to sell.

To buy bitcoins, after logging in to your TruexGold.Com account. You’ll click on the Naira Button under the “You Send” section. It will show you a list of available products that you can buy with Naira. In this case, bitcoin. So, you’ll click on Bitcoins in the “You Receive” section.

Buy bitcoins
Click on Send Naira and Receive Bitcoin.

After doing that, you’ll be redirected to a page where you will place your order just like when you wanted to sell. Fill in the amount you have in naira and the worth of it in bitcoin will be automatically calculated and shown base on the rate of bitcoin as at the moment of purchase. Fill in your bitcoin wallet address in the space provided for bitcoin wallet. It is advisable that you don’t type the address, COPY AND PASTE it instead and click on EXCHANGE

Buy bitcoin order details
Fill in the amount you want in naira and get the bitcoin equivalent

After that, you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll validate and confirm your order, if you’re sure everything filled in is correct. Tick the terms and conditions box and click on “CREATE ORDER”. The order will be automatically deleted if you fail to pay within 3hours and payment will be cancelled.

Validate order
Buy order will be automatically deleted if you fail to pay within 3 hours

After creating order, you will be directed to a page with the account information of TrueX Access Resources. Make the payment of the amount you inputed and click on paid. Wait for TruexGold.Com to confirm your payment and they will transfer your bitcoin to the wallet you provided immediately.

Account details
Make payment into TrueX Access Resources account and receive your bitcoin.


TruexGold.Com is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) with the corporate name : TrueX ACCESS RESOURCES and with the RC NUMBER: AB3681

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Thanks for reading, I hope you find this helpful, kindly drop a feedback.

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